Grazed Grazers

From: danny bourne (
Date: Tue 22 Oct 1996 - 14:17:45 EEST


>Absolutely but the Grazelanders are not indians nor do they have the advantage
>of massive ammounts of sparsely populated land to flee to or a wilderness to
>raid from.

I didn't say they were, but my knowledge of Skythian/Thessalian history
isn't so good for examples :) But, having seen Greg's map, there's a lot of
forest and hills out there. So the basic principle would be the same. Hide
out in the hills where the infantry can't get to you and use your extra
mobility to hit caravans etc.

They are also very much tied to their Vendref in a way that plains
>Indians were not.

The Grazelanders main trade is in horses, (at Dunstop), not from what the
Vendref make - that could be switched to Esrolia no problem.

They even have three settled towns from which they gain much
>of their revenue via trade.

They're not really towns. The posts are immaterial, they're only used as
meeting points and places to house static temples, IMG.
 If those were occupied and the Vendref were turned
>against them, the Grazers would be significantly weakened

 The VEndref would be trouble in as much as it would be extra people you'd
have to do over. They're like Palestinians - not allowed to own weapons,
while their masters *must* have them at all times. (Ever been to an Israeli
beach, it's a worrying sight).

and their warriors are
>few and much harder to repace than those of the Empire or even Sartar.

True, but would the EMpire want to go in for that sort of conquest? No,
keep the Grazers sweet with bribes and use them as mercenaries - far
simpler and more cost effective in terms of troops. Thus the Empire would
try to marry off the Red Goddess into the pantheon (re KoS), but were
unsuccessful in doing so.


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