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Date: Tue 22 Oct 1996 - 21:06:02 EEST

In V3 #243 Pam Carlson said:

>Lets face it - soaring white pillars of marble are a heck
>of a lot more etherial than stalwart mounds of brick and stone sporting
>scenes of big-beared, squareish guys waving dead things.

I hate to nitpick again (but hey when you're good at something...) but this
idea of white Greek temples is pretty common and completely wrong. Most if
not all of that lovely white marble you see in ancient buildings in Greece
and around the Mediterranean was originally covered by (to modern eyes at
least) garish paint. You wouldn't have seen much white used on a Greek

Something I don't understand is people taking the histories Greg Stafford
has written, like King of Sartar and the GRoY, etc. as verbatim accounts.
 My impression has been that these are highly subjective accounts. It's

like taking everything Herodotus wrote about or the Bible as the gospel
truth (pun intended). There's a reason why Herodotus was known as the
Father of Lies. He was quite capable (as were most ancient historians) of
altering the truth to fit his facts. These sorts of subjective histories

are certainly interesting colour and in many cases the only sources we have
but they shouldn't IMHO be taken as being anything more reliable than that.

The Dara Happan's may claim to have thousands of years of uninterrupted
history but this claim seems to be contradicted by the write-up in the
history section of the Doraster book that the Tripolis was founded by the
slaves freed from horse-riding Yelm worshippers by the First Council.

 Hardly thousands of years of uninterrupted history. Someone is being lied
to. Personally I find it more interesting to believe that the priesthood is
lying to their worshippers than that their history is so at odds with the
rest of Genertela's.

All historical accounts are relative and depend highly on who's writing them
or who's passing them along.

On an added note has anyone ever worked on a unified historical timeline for
Glorantha that could put historical events into context? It'd be an
interesting project.

Oliver B. Bernuetz


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