Trolls&Sorcery/Ogres&Trolls/Sun Dome/Ducks in Sartar

From: Robert Baumgartner (
Date: Tue 22 Oct 1996 - 19:23:24 EEST


I have some small questions...

*I haven't found much information about troll sorcerers in TrollPak and
 Elder Secrets. Can initiates of Kyger Litor learn Sorcery? What happens
 if a player rolls as parents profession Sorcerer for instance?

*The Ogre in the Sun County Scenario Melisande's Hand claims to be an Argan
 Argar initiate, but he also seems associated to the Cacodemon Cult. I can't
 find any hints that he is not a Argan Argar initiate but only claiming to
 be one - and this sounds a bit strange for me that someone is related to
 a Troll cult and to a chaos cult who are one of the worst enemies to each

*Is there anywhere some information about the Sun Dome County southwest of
 Sartar (Genertelabook p.59/60)? Is it still inhabited by Yelmalio cultists? -
 I get the impression in Sun County (p.4) that in 877 most went to the new lands
 southeast of Pavis.

*How is the Duck's live in Sartar after Starbrow's rebellion? In River of
 Cradles I get the impression that all ducks who weren't killed fled from
 Sartar, but when reading Apple Lane for instance I get no impression that
 the Ducks are outlaws in Sartar.

thx for help,


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