From: Paul Honigmann (
Date: Tue 22 Oct 1996 - 22:35:55 EEST

Michael Morrison:

>...I imagine uzuz as
>being able to assimilate all darksense emissions at the same time,
>without training -- this is one reason uzuz are so fearsome; they can
>"see" from all directions at once if there are other trolls about!

>My 2p. Other theories? Flames?

Recent experiments with 'passive' sonar sensors show even human built
sensors can use *ambient* sound to build up a picture of the environs.
The researchers were amused to find that a loud noise like a ship going
by actually *improved* their sensor array's resolution instead of
interfering. They figure this explains why dolphins have been observed
to occasionally alter course to intercept shoals of fish, etc even
without emitting sonar pulses (which would presumably alert their

Mind you, I guess the dolphins might just have been using their eyes!
Paul Honigmann
'Facts? Why take the fun out of life?'


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