From: Nick Effingham (wal@eff.u-net.com)
Date: Wed 23 Oct 1996 - 00:08:46 EEST

 I s'pose I'd better start off with an apology for not being online for so
long, but unfortunately my computer called it a day a few weeks back and
needed a bit of Chalana Arroy magic to get working again. (a side effect of
this is that i have utterly lost my Otkorion version of Orlanthi Mythology
- -- yet another hard, hard lesson in backing up)
 Cheers for the Steve Marsh HQ info. But on the Elmal score, can anyone tell
me WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED? Or is it still in the prison of Greg's mind?

Thanx a lot,

Nick E.
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Nick the Shaman of Thed
I thought Britain was Dorastor without broo,
but then Sandy made it all clear to me.
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