Temertain's Project

From: Nick_Brooke@deloitte.touche.co.uk
Date: Tue 22 Oct 1996 - 20:01:39 EEST

Joerg says:

> I wondered whether the Sartar dynasty of Princes had a special form of
> the crown test which involved building projects of some sort... Did
> Temertain ever attempt to do such a project?

Prince Temertain spent some time in his later years trying to win funding
and support for a Royal Museum in Sartar. Its initial exhibition would have
been a sponsored display of Brithini iron statuary. Sadly, the Lunar tax
authorities felt unable to recognise the charitable nature of this project,
and donated their Imperial Grants to the Chalana Arroy hospitals instead. A
tragic waste.

I was unaware until now that this was any part of a Crown Test, and suggest
that, as all the Princes and Kings of Sartar engaged in their construction
projects *after* attaining that status, it is unlikely to be so. Probably,
like legislation among RW Dark Age rulers, it is one of the things Kings of
Sartar are "expected to do," whether or not there is a need for it.



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