Troll sorcerers

From: David (
Date: Wed 23 Oct 1996 - 08:27:10 EEST

>*I haven't found much information about troll sorcerers in TrollPak and
> Elder Secrets. Can initiates of Kyger Litor learn Sorcery? What happens
> if a player rolls as parents profession Sorcerer for instance?

        The information you seek is in the Troll Gods book, under the Arkat
cult description.
        Basically, initiates of Kygor Litor may join the Arkat cult, which
teaches sorcery. In fact, to join the Arkat cult you must be an initiate of
another Darkness cult. They probably may not learn sorcery from other
places without upsetting the Kygor Litor cult. They have a few extra
sorcery spells that are not available to other sorcerers, too - See Rune
Magic, Boost Elemental, and Project Darksense.



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