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Robert Baumgartner (aiee! another one!) asked some sensible questions:

> I haven't found much information about troll sorcerers in TrollPak and
> Elder Secrets. Can initiates of Kyger Litor learn Sorcery? What happens
> if a player rolls as parents profession Sorcerer for instance?

Arkat Kingtroll stole the secrets of Sorcery from the Malkioni of the West and
taught them to his kin. Troll sorcerers most likely learned their Black Art from
the Cult of Arkat.

> The Ogre in the Sun County Scenario Melisande's Hand claims to be an Argan
> Argar initiate, but he also seems associated to the Cacodemon Cult. I can't
> find any hints that he is not a Argan Argar initiate but only claiming to
> be one - and this sounds a bit strange for me that someone is related to
> a Troll cult and to a chaos cult who are one of the worst enemies to each
> other.

How do the Argan Argari know he's an Ogre, eh? He looks human (and they accept
humans), he doesn't act like a Chaos Fiend (Ogres *try* not to stick out), and
the Argan Argar cult doesn't have any special Chaos-sensing skills or spells to
flush him out with... I see no contradiction.

> Is there anywhere some information about the Sun Dome County southwest of
> Sartar (Genertela Book p.59/60)? Is it still inhabited by Yelmalio cultists?
> I get the impression in Sun County (p.4) that in 877 most went to the new
> lands southeast of Pavis.

That's mostly right. The Sun Dome Temple in Dragon Pass was a ruin until very
recently: the Cult of Yelmalio, if it existed before in Dragon Pass, was
certainly wiped out by the Dragonkill War at the end of the Second Age, along
with the rest of the human population of the Pass. There are indications that
the Praxian Sun Dome Temple was founded by colonists from this site, but it is
hard to know how "similar" the original cult worshipped at the Dragon Pass Sun
Dome would have been.

The Dragon Pass Sun Dome Temple was resettled and refounded in the late
sixteenth century by Monrogh, formerly a companion of King Tarkalor Trollkiller
of Sartar. This was a political gambit to reduce tension between the followers
of Orlanth and Elmal among the many clans of Sartar. The cult of Elmal had
originally been the sun-god of the barbarians, Orlanth's Loyal Thane, but with
emissaries from Dara Happa "reminding" the Elmali of the Sun's imperial
pedigree, tensions over who should rule the clans had been growing in Sartar.
Monrogh and Tarkalor nipped this in the bud by organising a mass emigration of
Elmal cultists and clansmen to the Sun Dome Temple south-west of Sartar and
outside the Kingdom.

Monrogh got his inspiration from at least three sources:

   1) A visit to the Praxian Sun Dome Temple of Yelmalio...
   2) ... en route to the Solar Temple ruled land of Teshnos...
   3) ... where he experienced the "Vision of the Many Suns".

The name of "Yelmalio" was brought back to Dragon Pass from the Praxian Sun
Dome, but the cult practices of the Dragon Pass Sun Dome are *not* a direct copy
of the Praxian model. Indeed, it seems Monrogh's return from Teshnos to Praxian
Sun County may have been the seeds of a heresy, exstirpated recently by Count
Solanthos Ironpike.

Other authors suggest that Monrogh borrowed ideas from the elves, too: I can't
see where this fits in, or what signs of it there are in the modern temple
structure, and suspect Hilliam Wants West was making this up.

There are still some Elmali in Sartarite clans, but fewer than there were up
until the refounding of Sun Dome. The situation in Far Point (north of the
Creek, around Alda Chur and Alone) is different, as this was not part of the
Kingdom of Sartar when Tarkalor ruled and Monrogh led the exodus.

Please note that this is a confused and controversial subject: some people think
"Yelmalio" was only invented recently and never existed before, even in Sun
County; others think that there's no such god as "Elmal", and never has been.
The account above is my compromise solution, and may please nobody but myself.
Blame it on Greg.

> How is the Ducks' life in Sartar after Starbrow's Rebellion? In River of
> Cradles I get the impression that all ducks who weren't killed fled from
> Sartar, but when reading Apple Lane for instance I get no impression that
> the Ducks are outlaws in Sartar.

The first issue of the "RuneQuest Adventures" fanzine has a lot of good material
on how the Ducks get along under Lunar persecution, in its scenario "Escape from
Quackford". You may be able to find a copy; I believe this scenario was included
in the "Best of RQA" compilation, though I can't check this.

Apple Lane appears to be set before the Lunar conquest of Sartar (do you see any
Lunars there that aren't round and silver?), and is certainly before Starbrow's
Rebellion (the scenario pack was first published before the Rebellion happened).
So in it the Ducks aren't exiles... yet.



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