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David Cake writes about the Six Winds:

 According to Pentan interpretation (see Genertela Book p.64) the Four
"earthly" winds are

West King Wind -- Orlanth
North War Wind -- Humakt
South Rage Wind -- Storm Bull
East Sting Wind -- Gagarth

 I don't know where Gagarth = Upper Wind goes in this picture, though, so I
might be drawing false conclusions. As for Hellwind and the Lower Wind, in
the RQ CON II book, on p.86, reference is made to the Lower Wind being the
Hellroar. Personally I think that the Lower Wind is all that is bad and
evil, perhaps Vadrus???

Robert Baumgartner asks:

>*I haven't found much information about troll sorcerers in TrollPak and
> Elder Secrets. Can initiates of Kyger Litor learn Sorcery? What happens
> if a player rolls as parents profession Sorcerer for instance?

 According to Troll Pak, Arkat HeroQuester stole the secrets of sorcery from
the Brithini in the First Age. Normally, most sorcerors in Troll society
join the cult of Arkat IMHO. If you do so then, contrary to the normal
roolz, you can occupy two "rune levels", in other words be a rune
lord/priest and a sorceror. I don't believe, though, that you must be a
member of the cult of Arkat to be a sorceror.
 I'd say that a character who rolls the profession sorceror is immediatley
an initiate of Kyger Litor, and also has the extended option of joining Arkat.

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