Troll Sorcerors

From: Philip Hibbs (101621.1264@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Thu 24 Oct 1996 - 01:06:08 EEST

These are a fave character type of mine, and I have had refs say that I can't be
a KL member and use Sorcery. It does say, though, that *all* Trolls are KL
members automatically, and nowhere have I seen this contradicted. However, there
is another issue - the use of Sorcery, Divine and Spirit. By the rules (sorry
fgor swearing), a troll sorceror has access to both. Muddying the waters
further, I asked Greg at Convulsion I and Convulsion II whether a Troll
KL/Sorceror could use cult spirit magic, he gave two *totally* contradictory
answers! Greg 'Gregs' himself too!
The moral of this story is: Ask your ref, or decide what you're happiest with if
you're him.

PS. Interested in Sorcery rules? Check out:
for Sandy's rules plus some suggested alternatives

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