Praxian Fire Cults

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Date: Thu 24 Oct 1996 - 02:27:35 EEST

Brian K. Curley:

>I have a PC who is interested in a Fire cult. The only appropriate deity
>I could think of was Lodril, but I can't seem to find much on the
>presence/size of the Lodril cult in Pavis or Prax.

Well there are no volcanoes and very little Lodrili peasants in Prax.
The most powerful worshippers are the Men-and-a-half who worship
Lodril in an ancestral conext. Your PC could join one of them but
he will have to practice Agimori taboos (such as no riding horses).

The second source is relocated lunar peasants who have been resettled
recently in the River of Cradles. Although they would worship Lodril,
I doubt they have a temple up and running yet. Perhaps the PC could
make a name for himself by erecting the temple?

>Are there other fire
>deities I am overlooking, other than Zorak Zoran (did ZZ *keep* Yelmalio's
>fire powers after he stole them at the Hill of Gold)?

The biggest fire cult in Prax would be Oakfed the Wildfire. If your PC
wishes to be strong in this cult, he's going to adopt a whole lot of
praxian customs. The Praxians also know of Mahome but who wants to be
champion of bonfires? If your PC wanted to be really eldritch, he would
worship Tanian.

Beyond the borders of Prax, the nearest fire gods are Quivin of the
Quivini Mountains and the Fire Twins Caladra and Aurelion. A worshipper
to these gods is bound to be somewhere within prax at any one time but

their ultility is limited.

>And what's all this I keep hearing about Lodril being something of a
>rebel cult? I seem to remember seeing something about a Rebellion
>divine spell...

Lodril the Rebel is better known as Monster Man in Peloria. He
is feared in Peloria as One of the Dark Gods of the Spolites. Again
you could probably reach him by talking to the Lunar peasants *but*
the Lunars will not look kindly upon attempts to organise worship to
him in Prax. He is as bad as Thanatar from their PoV!

- --Peter Metcalfe


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