Elmal -- the definitive question

From: Nick Effingham (wal@eff.u-net.com)
Date: Thu 24 Oct 1996 - 01:43:07 EEST

Pete Metcalfe:

>>But on the Elmal score, can anyone tell me WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED? Or
>>is it still in the prison of Greg's mind?
>ERROR: Your Question is too broad. Please resubmit with limited

 Okay -- defining everything -- has the story of Elmal losing his fire
powers at the HoG been published? Has it been written unofficially according
to the knowledge of anyone on the digest? What do we know other than Elmal
lost his fire powers i.e. who took them? What did Orlanth do while this was
going on etc....

Maybe someone will give me a straight answer this time :)

Nick E.
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