Lodril in Prax, Suns

From: Carlson, Pam (carlsonp@wdni.com)
Date: Thu 24 Oct 1996 - 02:48:00 EEST

>Brian K. Curley - I have a PC who is interested in a Fire cult. The only
appropriate deity
I could think of was Lodril, but I can't seem to find much on the

presence/size of the Lodril cult in Pavis or Prax.

Many of the "Lunar" farmers who have land grants in Pavis County would
be retired soldiers, and would probably worship Lodril in one of his
Pelorian identities, as would their sons. There may also be some
Lodrilli at Raus Fort, if the Rauses brought some of their farmers with
them. He could also be an exile from Northern Tarsh, where there are
some Lodrilli farmers, or a deserter from the Lunar Army. (That may fit
in better with anti-Lunar PC's.)

Your character could also be an apprentice to a shaman who knows Oakfed,
I suppose, or someone from Caladraland.

Yes, Zorak Xoran has fire powers, but ZZ's tend to be disruptive in a
party, and to make lots of enemies among NPC's.

It's best to ask your player what culture he wants to be from and find
him a god from that one, isn't it?

>I keep hearing about Lodril being something of a rebel cult? I seem to
remember seeing something about a Rebellion divine spell...

It's a Pelorian thing. Keeps Yelm honest.

>Does anyone have any ideas on how mermen etc measure distances underwater.
 time in breaths, or do they base their timekeeping on tides?

I vote for tides, though this would work only for coastal mermen. They
may also use day/night changes or planet movements. Uleria has an
eight-hour crossing of the sky, and makes three passes in a day. Maybe
they don't need time any more accurate than that?

Jane Williams:
> Can someone name me a sun-deity who *does* have these attributes? []long
hair and hazia smoking]

*polite cough* Well, I think the point is that the gamut of Gloranthan
sun gods all seem to be too uptight to go in for Hazia smoking. Though

I do picture many Dara Happan Yelmies with long hair. It was good
enough for the ancient emperors....

(Though I'm sure somebody will argue that sun gods as a whole don't have
any particular personality - or that any deities do, for that matter.)

I concurr with the idea that Hazia smoking is banned in Sun County
because the trade can't be controlled (& taxed) by the county very
effectively, and because it dulls the senses. (Frex, I've heard that
the Koran doesn't ban alcohol, it just prohibits praying while drunk.
Since you have to pray five times a day, all throughout the day and
night, it's widely interpreted as best not to drink at all.) Sun County
may be the similar.

We Seattleites have been tossing Elmal about recently - I'll try to post
a summary soon.



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