Occupied Sartar

From: Saravan Peacock (saravan@perth.DIALix.oz.au)
Date: Thu 24 Oct 1996 - 04:55:29 EEST

Dave C. and Dave D. talk about suppressing sub cults (or not):

The point about the Lunars suppressing anyone they don't like is, I think,
the right one. I'm intrigued by David Cake's listing of some of the aspects
of Orlanth worship that the Lunars would be displeased with. Sounds right
to me. Doesn't that basically constitute banning Orlanth, though? Well, at
least his political aspects. I think that's probably the only clear way my
original impression of the theoretical "ban" could work. Especially at the
tribal level, where most of the important unity for 'defence' rituals
probably take place. The clan worship would be more focussed on everyday
living so the Lunars probably don't really care much about that. They
probably don't hunt down anyone who has ever taken part in the "political"
(ie Orlanth as rebel and boss) rituals, but they try to stop anyone doing
them again, and if anyone is caught in the act, _then_ they will be
crucified. And if a whole clan revolts, by taking on the mantle of a war
clan, then it will be ruthlessly suppressed in its entirety.

This way its not a theoretical and religious attack to wipe out Orlanth but
a primarily political one to prevent outbreaks of trouble. Also it would
assuage the sensibilities of the Dara Happan types who are personally
offended by the thought of anyone worshipping an upstart as king. The
Orlanthi probably hate it, of course, and they see it as part of the evil
Empire's efforts to subdue freedom and supplant righteousness with foul
gods. Nevertheless they are not driven into outright rebellion, since their
daily lives have not changed all that much. The kings and chiefs can retain
their positions, and even their worship to some extent, as long as they bow
to the Lunar rule.

The godis with knowledge of the important 'political' rituals may keep a
very low profile, and have the additional responsibility of preserving this
knowledge until the time is right for a full rebellion and restoration to
the True Ways. In the mean time, who knows how many of them will die or
lose full knowledge of the rituals. Maybe leading to more change in
procedure in Argrath's time.

Sounds about right to me.

I also like the idea of Dara Happans taking it all a lot more seriously
than the Tarshites. Like many differences of perspective amongst Gloranthan
gamers, it can be reduced to a difference in perspective amongst Gloranthan
people. We could rephrase the question "How do the Lunars suppress worship
of Orlanth?" to "Which Lunars try to suppress the worship of Orlanth?" Lots
of local variation, all depending on the personalities and motives of the
people in a position to enforce their own ideologies. And, of course, if
the GM wnats to change direction, that local offical can meet an inquisitor
who decides his practices don't meet Imperial guidelines for official
conduct (ie "The policy back home has changed buddy. You're fired.") And
yet again, all this variation applies to the Orlanthi as well! Just think -
24 tribes with eight or so clans each! Great Fun...


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