Fire in Prax

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>The only appropriate deity
>I could think of was Lodril, but I can't seem to find much on the
>presence/size of the Lodril cult in Pavis or Prax.

        Pretty minimal, I would expect. The only known worshippers of
Lodril in Pavis or Prax are a small minority among the Agimori. Even among
them it is a minor cult.
        Of course, bearing in mind recent controversy about the dreadfully
GodLearnerised nature of the Lodril cult writeup, it may well be that the
Agimori don't call their god Lodril, and don't get all his magics. I
suspect they call him something along the lines of 'Grandfather'
(something-Baba probably). I think they do get his Firespear though!

>Are there other fire
>deities I am overlooking, other than Zorak Zoran (did ZZ *keep* Yelmalio's
>fire powers after he stole them at the Hill of Gold)?

        Other fire deities - Sun Hawk (worshipped among some minor tribes
particularly (Ostrich?), little more than a spirit cult to others)? Oakfed
the wildfire (associated cult of Waha, probably a common spirit cult in
many tribes, summonable in person in times of war by Praxian shamans). The
only other fire deities I can think of are the star deities, including
Yelorna and the Twin Stars. Nomad Gods had the Pole Star worshipped in Prax
as well.
        And yes, ZZ does still have Yelmalios fire powers. The ZZ cult has
limited access (double POW cost in RQ2) to fire elementals through a

> And what's all this
>I keep hearing about Lodril being something of a rebel cult? I seem to
>remember seeing something about a Rebellion divine spell...

        The rebel aspects are to do with the Monster Man sub-cult, which I
don't think exists outside of Peloria. Monster Man keeps all the old bad
things (including rebellion) in check, and when Lodril lets him he lets it
all out. The Lodril/ Monster Man story is one of the central myth cycles of
the Pelorian Lodril cult (and variants, such as the Turos cult).
        As recently suggested here (by Joerg?) the Monster Man cult is
probably not present outside Peloria, and in the Holy Country they probably
replace it with the Lodril fighting Argan Argar mythology.




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