Broo birth

From: David (
Date: Thu 24 Oct 1996 - 06:43:05 EEST

>To all of you 'people in the know', what happens if a broo rapes a ghoul, or
>even a vampire? Will there be ofspring?

        Some broo are even reputed to be able to mate with inanimate
beings, so I think it highly likely that offspring could be born. Broo
children are more like internal parasites than children.
        Now, my guess is that the most reasonable interpretation of events
would be that the broo child would take on attributes of the original body
rather than the undead nature. So, generally I would assume a broo would be
born that is not undead, but may take on some minor powers of the parent.
But Chaos is nothing if not unreasonable, and broo reproduction is deeply
Chaotic, so just about anything could conceivably result, including new
born undead broo, or broo with the powers but without the undead nature, or
for that matter a broo of a different nature entirely.



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