Elmal's Fire Powers; Broo Necrophilia; Weapontakes

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Date: Thu 24 Oct 1996 - 11:50:18 EEST

Nick Effingham asks:

> Has the story of Elmal losing his fire powers at the HoG been published?
> Has it been written unofficially according to the knowledge of anyone on
> the digest? What do we know other than Elmal lost his fire powers i.e.

> who took them? What did Orlanth do while this was going on etc...

David Hall tells a story of Elmal/Yelmalio where Elmal "wins" at the Hill of
Gold because he's been armed by Orlanth, can fight off Zorak Zoran, "thaws" the
frigid Inora, and so brings back the Spring at the successful conclusion of the
Lightbringers Quest.

The Yelmalio schismatics refused any aid from Orlanth and say that their god was
disarmed by the Barbarian: the weapons that should have been his were stolen
away. He is thus surprised and wounded by Zorak Zoran, is not "lustful" enough
to warm Inora, and must suffer through the long cold night of Chaos until Father
Yelm reascends to bring light and life to the world.

A version of this was printed in the RQCon Compendium and the Convulsion '94
Programme Book.

Leon asks:

> To all of you 'people in the know', what happens if a broo rapes a ghoul,
> or even a vampire? Will there be offspring?

Probably, yes. The unborn broo is a parasite within its host, stealing whatever
nutrition it can and eventually clawing its way out. You probably wouldn't get a
"ghoul broo" (as the ghoul is a dead body animated by an unclean spirit), or a
"vampire broo" (ditto), but you'd get something that was cold and clammy and
smelled pretty nasty...

I feel almost sorry for the broo and vampire involved, though.

For Saravan, if the Lunars forbid barbarians to wander the countryside armed and
armoured, this pretty much forces them not to attend tribal weapontakes: an
elegant way of suppressing the centralised (tribal) manifestations of Orlanth
worship, which doesn't in itself impinge on the religion back home in the clan
steads. "Excuse me, sir, but that's an offensive weapon you're carrying. I shall
have to ask you to come down to the guard-post..."

And yep, you're right: Hurrah for Variety!



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