Fire Gods in Prax

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Brian writes:

> I have a PC who is interested in a Fire cult. The only appropriate deity
> I could think of was Lodril, but I can't seem to find much on the presence/
> size of the Lodril cult in Pavis or Prax.

Moonbroth Oasis has recently been recognised as a centre of power for the Lodril
Cult, in the wake of the Lunar victory at the Battle of Moonbroth (where Lodril
was summoned by the Lunar Priests to aid them against his child, the Lowfire
Oakfed). The Oasis is geothermally active, a sure sign. You can find Pelorian
priests of the cult there, and rumour has it there is a furtive branch of the
Cult of the Invisible Spear at the Oasis, too, training the Oasis Folk in the
arts of self-defence. See Tales #15 (my writeup of Moonbroth Oasis) and #12
(Scott Schneider's story "A Tale of Woe").

Lodril is also popular among the Pelorian soldiers of the Lunar Army, though
this is more as bawdy barracks humour and lewdness off duty than a "religious
cult". Soldiers like sex and drinking, and Lodril encourages this. Also, among
the Lunar peasants who've been resettled in the Cradles Valley. And the Agimori
are Children of Lodril, and endowed with Big Spears because of it.

> Are there other fire deities I am overlooking, other than Zorak Zoran (did
> ZZ *keep* Yelmalio's fire powers after he stole them at the Hill of Gold)?

The big Native Praxian fire god would have to be Oakfed, who torched all of Prax
in the Darkness and was most recently summoned by shamans to take on the Lunars
at Moonbroth: he lost. Others would be Gustbran and Mahome (especially Mahome,
the camp-fire goddess). The Sun Hawk might help. Lightning Boy is a Fire spirit
in the Air pantheon. Rune spells for most of these are in Tales #14 (Prax part

Zorak Zoran does preserve the secrets of fire, and through his cult spirit
Amastan ZZ cultists can summon and command Fire Elementals. ZZ shrines have
sacred fires, making them Very Scary Places to trolls. See Troll Gods and
Trollpak for more.

> And what's all this I keep hearing about Lodril being something of a rebel
> cult? I seem to remember seeing something about a Rebellion divine spell...

Lodril is a peasant cult, and one of his Rune spells is "Smouldering Rebellion".
Any time Lodrili are unjustly oppressed by their rulers, they can sacrifice POW
to this spell. Once the right number of points of POW have been sacrificed (and
no-one has ever quantified this, but we're talking hundreds or thousands), there
will be a spontaneous peasant uprising across the land against the oppressors.
But Lodril isn't usually a rebel cult, any more than peasants are usually
rebels. And it has to be provoked: you can't start a rebellion by yourself, for
the hell of it.

There is also the Cult of the Invisible Underpants, which meets behind the bike
sheds to teach young men how to become more manly by wielding their "Invisible
Spears", but let's not go into that...



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