Six Winds

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Nick Effingham:
> According to Pentan interpretation (see Genertela Book p.64) the Four
>"earthly" winds are

>West King Wind -- Orlanth
>North War Wind -- Humakt
>South Rage Wind -- Storm Bull
>East Sting Wind -- Gagarth

I don't think any right-thinking Praxians would care much about Pentan
cosmology. IMG the Four Winds of Prax are

Rain Wind West; Orlanth
Chill Wind North; Valind
Rage Wind East; Stormbull
Sick Wind South; Malia

        "As i stood at the end of the world, south of Sog's Ruins, i saw
the endless plains of waves and i saw the unholy place where the sea had
mingled with the earth, and i was filled with dread. An ill wind blew upon
me and it felt like i had been slapped in the face with a cloth drenched in
warm pus. The Sea can never be a friend of Waha's."

        - Nardonal Jumping Mouse, on returning to the camp at Sog's Ruins.

The Sick Wind blows from Bleak and Defender's Shore which are filled with
nasty bugs, parasites and mosquitos that are blown into Prax with the
clinging, vaporous winds from the Sea. The bugs eat the crops, the
parasites infest the animals and mosquitos curse men with sickness.

Malia was a lover of the Ill Wind, Ragnaglar, so it's not inconceivable
that they had a child called Sick Wind.

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