Broo exotic breeding program!

From: Lewis Jardine (
Date: Thu 24 Oct 1996 - 12:13:35 EEST

Hi All & Leon

        Gosh, thats a good question Leon. I will explore it with
some statements and we will work from there.

1) Vivamort (& vampires) sacrificed their life/fertility aspects
in order to gain immortality thus I do not hink that they are
capable of breeding.

2) Broo however are fertility gone Chaotic with turbo boost at max!
Sandy P. even stated that in his campaign a broo had mated with a
pot-bellied stove and produced a viable offspring (joke about "you
could really see the fire in his belly").

3) However, I have not heard of broo successfully mating with dead
creatures. In fact they often try quite hard to keep their hosts
alive until the birth.

4) If you subscribe to the larval broo injection theory I would
think that a vampire would be leathal as a host as it would drain
the life-force out of the larva.

5) But if you subscribe to the "normal" pregnancy theory one has to
a) How do broo mate successfully with males?
b) How would a sterile creature like a vampire produce an "egg" to be

Overall, my best guess is that with a vampire (specifically) there
would be no offspring. However, I'm not totally convinced of it and
it might be possible on rare occassions, especially IYG.

As for ghouls and other animated dead the case is less clear.
A larval broo could feed off these dead flesh and survive, maybe.
However, I would suspect that there would be a significant disadvantage
of doing this or broo would do it all the time. Lets face it dead
meat can't run away and is easier to catch than live prisoners.

My take is either lower INT & POW (due to not being nourished by life).
Or worse still, sterility (the host cannot give any life to the child
thus the child cannot father life)!



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