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G'day all,
Jarst Daro

Robert Baumgartner asks:
>The Ogre in the Sun County Scenario Melisande's Hand claims to be an Argan
>Argar initiate, but he also seems associated to the Cacodemon Cult. I can't
>find any hints that he is not a Argan Argar initiate but only claiming to
>be one - and this sounds a bit strange for me that someone is related to
>a Troll cult and to a chaos cult who are one of the worst enemies to each

To pass in human society, ogres often claim to hate chaos and may even
seek to vigorously persecute it ("only good broo's a dead one, that's what I
say"). Have a squizz at the Pola Clan in Shadows on the Borderlands as an
example of a family of ogres living secretly with humans.

Jarst Daro (or Mohenjo Daro as he was originally called the scenario in Tales
#4) is an ogre, and has the same destructive impulses of ogres, but is not an
active member of the Cacodemon cult - at this stage. It is possible that he
was unaware of his 'different' status until relatively recently. Only his penchant
for ripping out the necks of his pet chooks and his appetite for slightly warmed,
raw steak would have given his parents any clue that there was anything wrong
with the adorably cute little foundling they picked out and rescued from the
hilltop outside Nochet where unwanted babies - boys mostly, of course - are
traditionally exposed.

Hazia and Dresses

Jane Williams:
>I don't intend for one moment to argue will all you people who
>obviously understand sun-worship so much better than I do. OTOH,
>Peter's ideas on hazia and dresses are so dramatic that I'm reluctant
>to abandon them. Could we not compromise? The objection seems to be
>that Somash worship does not have the attributes described (hazia,
>long hair, and so on).

I don't claim for one minute to understand Sun worship at all, though Nick's
recent concise synthesis of the Elmal-Monrough-Yelmalio controversy
(V3 #246) helped get my brain around it somewhat. The 'objection' aspect
of this is satisfactorily dealt with by simply reiterating that what goes in
one person's Glorantha doesn't necessarily have to in another's.

>Can someone name me a sun-deity who *does* have
>these attributes? We can then use their name instead of that of
>Somash, and everyone will be happy. At least, I will be.

OK, I could say that the Sun God we're talking about here is the enigmatic
Kralorelan diety Ar-Sol. I know it has all these attributes because I just made that
name up! In my opinion, Peter has gone a lot further than this, and has inspired
me, for one, with his vision. There is no canon description of the Somash cult,
and while I think his theories might over-emphasise the influence of the Somash
cult in recent Sun County history, I believe Peter has woven a consistent and
believable premise out of what little there is to go on about Teshnos, Somash
et al.

Oceans Draft

Nick Davidson:
>Lewis mentioned that much of the material has been published elsewhere.
>Was this in the TORM Sea Special?

Yes! It also features several excellent sea-bourne scenarios, and a double
page map of the Oceans.

>Are there also details on aquatic creatures (as featured in the
>Gloranthan Bestiary) and the mechanics of Sailing?
>(There was a chapter in the standard 3rd ed. boxed set)

There are a couple of sea nasties, if I recall, but not a compendious list like in
the GB. There is a very article describing the ways, means and times of
sailing across the lozenge. Sailing across the Homeward Ocean is surprisingly
rapid, but as you're skirting around the giant plug-hole that is Magasta's Pool,
it is also very hazardous!

>As someone who is running a sea/coastal campaign I'd be very interested
>to hear about the contents of the above.

Tales #10 is out-of-print now: best to contact your local Reaching
Moon Megacorp representative to see if there's a back issue available.




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