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Date: Thu 24 Oct 1996 - 21:03:00 EEST

Peter M, protesting my characterization of Sun Gods as basically

>what about crazed blood letting of the Blood Sun Cult in
the Kingdom of Ignorance, the orgaistic ceremonies of Solar Pentan
Shamans, the Simony of the Dara Happans, the Paedophilia of Solanthos
Ironpike and the Praxian Sun Dance?

Those are accounted for by the Sun's Evil Twin - Kazkurtem. Heck, the
Ko-Ignorance even has temples shaped like upside-down footstools, the
symbol of ol' Slime Standing himself. Sure - most solar worshippers
manifest some of these aspects, but few would admit that these were
their finest moments.
(Though I must admit, I have no idea what "Simony" means. Do I want

Where have I missed the accounts of orgiastic Pentans?
Nick E.
> has the story of Elmal losing his fire been written unofficially written?

We have a couple versions. I'll try to post them.

> What do we know other than Elmal lost his fire powers i.e. who took them?

Yep - Greg said it at the Down Under con - Zorak Zoran took Elmal's fire
powers at the Hill of Gold.

> What did Orlanth do while this was going on etc....

Otlanth was in hell, wandering around looking for Ernalda or the
Emperer, whichever you like.

I agree with Peter M. (somebody write this down!) that Shargash was the
storm god that beat on Elmal during the darkness. One of Shargash's
titles listed in GRoY is the "Crippler of Elamalus".

Also, bear in mind that the cults of Elmal could vary widely between
Ralios, Brolia, Scylilla, Vanch, Imther, Tarsh, Sartar, and Esrolia.


> I must admit rather shamefacedly that I've never read any of the accounts
about Peloria

Aak! *stagger* What are you waiting for? They're great! Lots more
sex and violence than any of the other sources!

>Persoannly I'd love to see more "object" historical accounts. It makes it
easier to put things into perspective. Yes, it's valuable to "know"
what a
people think and believe but I also like to know what actually happened.

I don't think it's possible to seperate the two in Glorantha. There are
some Gloranthophiles who believe in a solid, historical Glorantha with a
mythic veneer. There are others who believe in a mythic Glorantha with
temporary "historical" happenings. Most Gloranthophiles are probably on
a continuum between those two POV's. But I'm not sure one could say
what _actually_ happened about any event in Gloranthan history. But I
AM sure that if someone DID try to say exactly and definatively what
happened, then they'd be wrong in some way.

Feeling rather controvercial today...



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