Broo, necrophilia, and similar infertile ground

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Date: Thu 24 Oct 1996 - 23:34:55 EEST

This whole concept of what broo can mate with is one that has puzzled
me for a bit. Broo are stated as being able to mate with *anything*.
Yet we are told that Muriah is resented by "her" broos for being
barren. She can hardly be *less* capable of bearing broo-babies than
a human male, surely? So what's their problem?

My theory (cop-out?) is that they *can* produce offspring from
anything, it's just harder in some cases than in others. So any
fertile mammalian female: easy! To do the same trick on something/one
not normally capable of bearing children is harder: they need a
special ceremony (which is extremely unpleasant for the victim:
another reason to do it!). Male adventurers, Babeester Gori, and my
Vingans all dislike being captured by broo for the same reason.

Then of course there's the problem in extreme cases of finding an
opening to use... sorry, but rock-babies I just don't believe.
And naturally the host has to be edible for the child to survive.

So maybe there are some broo somewhere who know the ceremony that
makes kids from undead. Maybe some Hero-Broo is questing for it? I
don't believe a vampire would be a good subject, as it's unlikely to
volunteer, but zombies: why not? Question: how does Delecti feel
about this? Zombie duck broo?
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