Larval broo

From: Paul Honigmann (
Date: Thu 24 Oct 1996 - 22:30:39 EEST

Lewis Jardine writes:

>5) But if you subscribe to the "normal" pregnancy theory one has to
>a) How do broo mate successfully with males?
>b) How would a sterile creature like a vampire produce an "egg" to be

a) Well, one of my players woke up after being mugged in the forest with
a sore bum. As the game went on I dropped hints... 'you have a craving
to eat coal'... 'you are having violent mood swings today'... 'you have
an enormous appetite'... 'you seem to be putting on weight'... he never
twigged until we re-enacted the scene from 'Alien' where it burst out of
his abdomen. (We used a cuddly toy in front of the other players.)
Unfortunately he did not survive the birth.

See: for gory details.

b) Shortly after this I read in, I think, Elder Secrets that broo inject
a larva into a host (like a wasp) and the host can even be a dead,
festering body! The larva eats its way out, absorbing genetic material
from its 'mother' even if Ma is dead.

Paul Honigmann


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