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Date: Thu 24 Oct 1996 - 23:16:41 EEST

Nick Brooke:

>David Hall tells a story of Elmal/Yelmalio where Elmal "wins" at the Hill of
>Gold because he's been armed by Orlanth, can fight off Zorak Zoran, "thaws" the
>frigid Inora, and so brings back the Spring at the successful conclusion of the
>Lightbringers Quest.

 Alas, this was my original conception for the cult of Elmal, and I came to
the same reasoning that you did that Yelmalio lost his fire powers to ZZ
because of lack of support. However, I was Gregged. Deciding to side my vote
with the "official" version of Elmal, wherein Elmal has no fire powers, this
story unfortunately is of no use to me :( Thanks for trying to help anyway.
 The same goes for what Michael Raaterova said.

Pete Metcalfe:

>Ah. This is going into South Pelorian History. The only source was
>a reply given at the RQ CON Down Under lore auction and even then we
>do not know for sure if the hills of gold are involved. IMO they did.
>I also think that Orlanth was not involved in the Elmal's version of
>the Hill of Gold but Shargash.

 Actually, until recently, I thouhgt that the fight described in KoS p.195
equates to the Hill of Gold, although rather than being a hill it's a
bridge. This makes lots more sense, although why ZZ would appear to attack
Elmal alongside Shargash is beyond me... I think this is all coming together :)

Nick E.
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