Re: Glorantha Digest V3 #227

From: Andrew J. Weill (
Date: Thu 24 Oct 1996 - 23:27:10 EEST

Some time ago, Frank Rafaelsen <> wrote about Charg. He
has theorized a Telmori empire.

I am running a campaign based in Charg. I have used some remarks from a
posting by Paul Honigmann and the fact of Lunar Carmanian fears of Charg
to posit the most horrifying thing I could think of behind the Ban.

My Charg is, to oversimplify it, the old Carmanian empire. More
precisely, it is where the non-Lunarized houses went and have been biding
their time. They have been waiting for the Ban to fall, and they are
convinced they can now win the Castle Blue battle.

However, there are a number of complications in my campaign. First, the
major Houses are jockeying for position, and some even see virtue in
peace with the Lunars. Further, they have now learned of the KoW, which
has to enter into their calculations. Finally, there's certain local
prophecies and the roles of the player characters in the whole mix, which
I can't detail here since some players read this.

But anyone who has thoughts about what a resurgent Carmanian empire would
be up to is free to contribute, here or by email. My strength as a GM is
in the plotting and characterization; I happily steal inspiration and
Gloranthan truth whereever I can find it.

Andy Weill


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