lunar occupation/broo reproduction

Date: Fri 25 Oct 1996 - 04:02:41 EEST

Craig Furber writes:
<<If the Lunars occupy Sartar and Dragon Pass, what about the Yelmalions,
Storm Bull, Humakti, Vingans(as examples of 'good' cults) and also places
like SnakePipe Hollow, Feral's Deep, Chaos Woods, Troll Woods [and the
denziens that inhabit these places] etc...are all these non Orlanthi going to
be tolerated by the Lunars?... are they going to tolerate the Lunars?...>>

Yelmalions and Humakti are considered somewhat neutral, and both do alot of
mercenary work for the lunars, though there are exceptions.

Uroxi and Vingans are a bit tricky. It depends upons the individual. The
lunars like uroxi because they tend to your chaos examples above (one of my
nastier players set up some uroxi to jump a chaos nest, and ambushed them
with his troops as they came out, as none of the other players were involved
with this, I had them play a "test" scenario using uroxi characters, they did
well, too well in the other players point of view <g>).

Uz and aldrymi are the most difficult for lunars to deal with. Alot depends
upon how well the lunars are holding the area, if it is strong, the elder
races will be more likely to bend to the lunar wishes (i.e. we will stay in
our trees/caves and give you good deals on plants/bugs & trollkin(?) and you
stay out of our area) and only hit them when they are not looking (this is
more likely the uz response, though aldrymi have been aggressive, they
remember being "burned" also). If there hold is weak, the last thing the
lunars will do is to aggravate the elder races (as they tend in the majority
to keep to themselves). The lunars realize that the elder races are something
that is there and unless they put ALOT of power into rooting them out (i.e.
moonburn) then they will not do well. And the reverse holds true, the elder
races need to muster up enough to do alot outside of their element. Though
all lunar patrols near uz areas tend to not sleep well.

Broo reprodutivity:
I tend to feel that the mating with the undead examples given would probably
be a failure due to the hosts strong ties to the hunger rune (i.e. the
vampire would drain the parasite to death) unless special magics are used (I
believe that a spirit cult in LoT, the "black goat"(?) aids some chaotics).
Also there are probably some broo who are very "potent" reproductively and
others less so and thus not able to do some of the wierder unions.

Jane Williams writes:
<<Question: how does Delecti feel about this? Zombie duck broo?>>

Tried it. The main goal was to have zombies who would not only be able to
float and swim instead of sink (they have a hard time attacking the boats of
tresspassers from the bottom, as well as tracking marsh water all over the
place!), and be self reproducing. Several problems arose: They still sank
(the tendency to groom ones feathers is diminished upon zombification). They
tended to mate with everything, including each other, and as the host tended
to be destroyed (and you think sewing up turkeys is hard work!) I would only
end up with as many as I started with if all survived. And they tended to
quack as they moved, it seems a build up of gases is released as they move
and it came out as a quack from them. It not only made it hard to rest, but
tended to stir up all the other ducks into attacking me when they found out
about it (it was hard to defend when alot of your troops are in the larvel
stage most of the time!). Needless to say I shelved experiment
#3-9548246J-098 indefinately!



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