Tribal suppression in Sartar

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Date: Fri 25 Oct 1996 - 13:04:13 EEST


in the last few issues we seen a lot of methods how the lunar occupation may
have worked in the time of lunar occupation. I agree with most of the
arguments that the lunars are mostly center in the city with their suppression.
IMO the suppression works mostly through the lunar game of divide and reign.
After Starbrow rebellion the lunars have given support to most pro lunar
tribes. I didn't see the tribes as a whole front of anti-lunars. IMO the
lunars have used the the old clan and tribe feuds to divide the tribe, for
example the allow the tribe of Cinsina to raid the Culbrea tribe to hold the
Culbrea (as one of the most rebellious tribes) down. After starbrow
rebellion the Culbrea tribe got very weak - they lost their King, Hofstaring
Treeleaper, and a lot of tribal warriors. The population of the Culbrea
decreases to half after Starbrow rebellion. Furthermore they have IMO to
suffer under more oekonomic suppression as pro lunar tribes so they have no
time to take for rebellious activities for more then 10 years at least. They
have defend their own country against raids, have to plant crops to feed
their people and so on.
IMO the Culbrea wouldn't care if it was forbidden to preform the ceremony of
'Weapontake', if it was forbidden to carry plate armour and many more. They
have to take care for the survivial of the whole tribe.

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