From: Paul Stolar (
Date: Fri 25 Oct 1996 - 17:06:45 EEST

     I was reading Questlines and it made me think about shades and the
     first element. I don't think the first element is really darkness, it
     is space. For anything to exist in the 'real' sense, it must occupy
     something. Shades only appear like darkness elements because they are
     empty space. This also allows one to interpret the fear shock attack
     as sort of a nihilist attack on the soul. One sees how empty the
     universe and how insignificant one is. The cold attack could be from
     the shade expanding the victim. I know this sounds too physicsy, but
     it means fun for me.
     The real terror of space is the emptiness and how really nasty
     creatures just pop into existence, and then annihilate again. What's
     the consensus?


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