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Robert Baumgartner (no kin I know of, but not impossible) asked:

>*Is there anywhere some information about the Sun Dome County southwest of
> Sartar (Genertelabook p.59/60)? Is it still inhabited by Yelmalio cultists? -
> I get the impression in Sun County (p.4) that in 877 most went to the new
> lands southeast of Pavis.

There is, sparsely divided between King of Sartar, Convulsions '94 (Or
RQ-Con 1) booklet, RQ-Adventures issues 1 and 4, and the digest.

Nowhere is stated whether the central temple there dates from before the
Dragonkill, but it is known that there was at least one Sun Dome Temple in
the EWF-era Dragon Pass.

Whatever happened in 877, there remained sufficient numbers of Sun Domers
behind to keep the trolls of Kethaela somewhat in check. They were
exterminated (or driven out of Dragon Pass) along with the other humans
before or during the Dragonkill War. After that, there were no Sun Dome
templars in considerable numbers native in Dragon Pass, although some
cultist mercenary units may have served with Tarsh or other groupings.

Around 1550, Tarkalor Trollkiller (brother or uncle to the current Prince of
Sartar) and Monrogh Lantern spread the new cult of Yelmalio among the
disgruntled Quivini sun worshippers, and found much resonance. When Tarkalor
led them and the Volsaxi against the darkness-worshipping Kitori tribe
(mixed trolls and humans, though normally no interbreeding) who blocked the
important trade route to Karse, they won and distributed the conquered

- - the new solar religion received the current Sun Dome County of the former
Kitori territory as a land grant

- - the Volsaxi clans and tribes received Whitewall and the lands down to
Smithstone as their sovereign territory (before they had been tributary
settlers there little better off than the Vendref of the Grazers)

- - the beastmen received occupied parts of Beast Valley back

which left the Kitori fleeing into the troll woods, or to Blackwell and the
Haunted Lands in the direct shadow of Shadow Plateau.

(In order to reconcile this history related in KoS with the status quo
described in RQ Adventures issue 4, Jeff Richard and I came up with kinship
ties between Brian of the Volsaxi and the Etori clan of the Kitori, granting
them access back to the city of Whitewall, for our (now dormant) shared
Heortland campaign of 1617.)

Back to the question: There was another "exodus" of Sun Dome worshippers
from Dragon Pass to Prax when Dorasar founded Pavis. Varthanis Brighthelm
took one of the earliest mercenary units to aid Dorasar in establishing New
Pavis (even before Monrogh received Sun Dome County as a land grant), and he
attracted a lot of the settlers to Sun County when he went there. (All this
according to KoS: Jalk's Book, Making Gods)

>*How is the Duck's live in Sartar after Starbrow's rebellion?

Mostly hiding in Delecti's marsh or among Ironhoof's beastmen, or in
isolated places, or running away, but definitely it's duck season for a
while. Some find shelter with sufficiently powerful lords, quite similar to
Eurmali at the same courts.


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