Several Thousand Years of Just Rule

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Fri 25 Oct 1996 - 21:33:00 EEST

Oliver Bernuetz:
>Something I don't understand is people taking the histories Greg Stafford
>has written, like King of Sartar and the GRoY, etc. as verbatim accounts.

Hmm. Weren't you around when we discussed parts of these "verbatim accounts"
in exhausting detail? KoS is full of inconsistencies, making it quite
similar to a collection of 1st and 2nd hand sources. Plentonius' Glorious
ReAscent is a propaganda scripture if there ever were any.

>The Dara Happan's may claim to have thousands of years of uninterrupted
>history but this claim seems to be contradicted by the write-up in the
>history section of the Doraster book that the Tripolis was founded by the
>slaves freed from horse-riding Yelm worshippers by the First Council.
>Hardly thousands of years of uninterrupted history. Someone is being lied
>to. Personally I find it more interesting to believe that the priesthood is
>lying to their worshippers than that their history is so at odds with the
>rest of Genertela's.

Not quite lied. The Dara Happan lower castes do have thousands of years of
an uninterrupted history of suppression by a "just" (in the Dara Happan
sense, i.e. might makes right, or more poetically "Measured Commandment from
Above") warlord emperor or another.

>On an added note has anyone ever worked on a unified historical timeline for
>Glorantha that could put historical events into context? It'd be an
>interesting project.

I know of several, contradictory ones... The (ongoing) projects are
interesting. I found that a spreadsheet works best to keep track of regions
and events.


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