broo + the hill of gold

From: danny bourne (
Date: Fri 25 Oct 1996 - 21:54:39 EEST

>This whole concept of what broo can mate with is one that has puzzled
>me for a bit. Broo are stated as being able to mate with *anything*.
>Yet we are told that Muriah is resented by "her" broos for being
>barren. She can hardly be *less* capable of bearing broo-babies than
>a human male, surely? So what's their problem?

I would say they resent her cos she's the alpha broo. It has been said to
me by Greg that Ralzakark has the ability to mate with anything, hills etc
included. What would be the offspring is, of course, another matter.
Perhaps its like a natural selection thing, over the course of time broo
find the best things to make with after making some bizarre attempts and
then settle down to what's most successful.
Of course what gives Ralzakark this ability is a mystery does he have this
power because of his position, or this position because of his power?

As for the Hill of Gold stuff, well they're all pansies those sun
worshippers, roll on the march of the iron-shod caligula of the
unconquerable red army. Delenda est Orlanatus!!!


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