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Date: Sat 26 Oct 1996 - 01:16:31 EEST

What a lot of wonderful Elmal stories! Naturally, they're all equally
true. I loved the idea of Yelm keeping Truth locked up so he could
ignore it: sounds very familiar. Will all of these be available on
the Web somewhere? Please?

Shargash: if it was appropriate for the Story that Elmal won the
fight, then of course he could beat him. (Who was writing it??) You
can't argue with the Story. If you disagree with this theory, read
more Terry Pratchett.

Which reminds me: has anyone else noticed that most of the laws of
hero-questing can be found in Pratchett books? The
million-to-one-chance rule, the Story rule, the idea that it doesn't
matter what your skills are, it's your self-definition that counts:
he's even got the Goddess of Wisdom being proved by hero-questing(?)
to hold a penguin, not an owl. So far the sun-gods haven't proved too
puzzling, though. Should this worry me??

Quivin, the Fire god: I'd forgotten all about him, thanks. Now, what
relation is there betweeen him and the Flame of Sartar? And did he
(as a Fire/Earth god) help raise the walls of Boldhome with lava?
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