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Date: Sat 26 Oct 1996 - 02:51:56 EEST

Martin Laurie:

>Shargash is the most dangerous of all the Solar Gods, he's the most warlike and
>most potent in battle. He is fated to destroy the world and rebuild it. The
>likes of Elmal wouldn't last ten seconds against him.

 Baha! But the Shargashi would tell a different story. In their eyes,
Shargash went off to defeat an evil renegade, he returned battered and
wounded and the renegade (Elmal) never fully recovered. Ergo, he won.
Because the Dara Happans believe that Yelm is the Sun, then Elmal had no
special magic to steal, and therefore Shargash would return home empty
handed whether he had won or not.
 The Shargashi and Elmali probabley argue constantly over who actually won,
and the only people who know departed with the Gift Carriers :)


>Nick - I liked your story- particularly the part about the synchophants!
>Here's my Elmal story. It would probably be from somewhere in Southern
>Peloria, maybe even Vanch. Ernalda may have a different name there, but
>y'all get the idea.
>Paul Heinz is working on another.

 Both of which were excellent. They completley go against the Elmali cult
IMG, but this just means that there's the likely hood of an Elmali schism of
which myths about Elmal are true and which are false.

Paul Stolar:

>The real terror of space is the emptiness and how really nasty
>creatures just pop into existence, and then annihilate again. What's
>the consensus?

 This is already covered in Gloranthan mythology, the horrifying terror of
space is represented by Father of Demons and Mother of Space (or is it
Father of Space, and Mother of Demons?) that were born to Nakala. They have
no known cult. They have no known influence on Glorantha. Obviously they
were just too darn horrifying....

 As for Uroxi Berserkers, I played a Storm Bull Centaur once. Unfortunately,
in my first tentative exploration into Dorator the group came across a
Walktapus with arablests, which we decided to sneak around and leave alone.
Well, THEY decided to leave it alone, I lowered my pike and charged. My
character holds the record of having made a successful Divine Intervention
only four hours after the character was rolled up :)

Nick E.
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