A question (and a damn silly one too)

From: Michael Cule (mikec@room3b.demon.co.uk)
Date: Sun 27 Oct 1996 - 03:28:19 EEST

Someone wanted to know:

What happens when a broo rapes a ghoul or a vampire?

(Son, you have got to get out more!)

Well, a broo tough enough to do this will probably be able to get hold of more
productive partners.....

But in both cases, we have the transformed dead bodies of formerly living beings
and although the main part of the broo larva comes from the broo who implants it
some of the new creature's nature comes from the incubator/host. This is how
the broos acquire exotic features from various species. So the lifeforce of the
host is involved in production of the larva.

The ghoul and the vampire being dead, they cannot provide the needed sustanance
and therefore nothing happens.

(But you have one very annoyed vampire and/or a very puzzled ghoul....)

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