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Simony is the sin (under Christian canon law) of buying or selling any of the
offices or other holy things of the Church. Bribing someone to make you Pope at
one end of the scale or purchasing holy water or other sacred materials at the


It is named after Simon Magus, a wizard who was so impressed by the miracles
the disciples were pulling that he offered cash to be taught the secrets of
their power. The story is in the Acts of the Apostles.

The legend that Simon later died trying to fly is not in the Bible but is
from apocryphal sources. All the biblical account says is that he was 'abashed'
when the Apostles reproved him. I've worked him into a fantasy novel I'm writing
as the founder of the Church's secret order of wizards. The order feel it is
rather neat to have a founding saint who has a sin named after him!

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