Historical quibble

From: ANDOVER@delphi.com
Date: Mon 28 Oct 1996 - 02:42:41 EET

Martin Laurie wrote, in response to Nick Brooke:
">I agree: it's always sad to consider the might-have-beens...

Not so. Imagine if the 1812 Battle of New Orleans had been a British victory,
New Orleans would be called "Walborough on the Sea" and we'd be able to get a
decent cup of tea in the Southern states instead of that iced gunk.

You see? Might-have-beens are a significant addition to the history

Only problem is that the batle of N.O. was fought in 1815 AFTER the peace
had been signed, so Martin's future was not a possibility. On the other
hand, had the British won, we Americans might have been spared the
Presidency of the military blow-hard Andrew Jackson, and Americans might
have noticed that they LOST the War of 1812, instead of Republican
politicians getting away with claiming victory!

Jim Chapin


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