FW: Telmori Teeth part 3

From: richardc@sypte.co.uk
Date: Mon 28 Oct 1996 - 15:32:00 EET

In attempts to put together a format of mail message which my mailer
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Apologies for what might be regarded as a rulesy sort of question
I think it has cultural implications too.
I've just run a one-off scenario in which the PCs were Telmori.
In fact they were Fronelan Pure Ones who had a run-in with some Cursed
Ones hired to stir up trouble between the local Telmori and Humans.
In the final confrontation the following question came up: "Does
the bite attack of a (2-legged) Telmori magically transformed by the
effect of Wolfshead divine magic count as a magical weapon?"
In fact several cases are implied:
(1) Wolf's Head spell on 2-legged Telmori
(2) Wolf's Head spell on 4-legged Telmori
(3) Cursed One on Wildday
(4) Telmori limbs under Wolfrunning spell
Which if any of these should count as a magical weapon?
Obviously the answer is going to make a big difference to situations
where Telmori are fighting Telmori (as would be the case I guess
between young males operating on the edge of a pack).
In the end I ruled that (1), (2), and (3) WERE magical. Case (4) didn't
arise but I think I would have ruled against it on the grounds that
the spell is about mobility rather than combat and anyway,
a wolf's claws are not really used as weapons; the jaws and
bodyweight/momentum do all the work.
Any comments?
Richard Crawley


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