From: danny bourne (
Date: Mon 28 Oct 1996 - 21:08:04 EET

>Simony is the sin (under Christian canon law) of buying or selling any of the
>offices or other holy things of the Church. Bribing someone to make you Pope at
>one end of the scale or purchasing holy water or other sacred materials at the

Lucky that his name wasn't Barry then, otherwise it really would have been
a silly word.

>If anyone has any openings for an extra player I'd be grateful to hear
>from them. More info on experience and interests available by email.

Colin Phillips is the person to get in touch with, he runs a games night on
Tuesdays at Baden Powell house on Gloucester road. Try emailing him at
>Anyone who was at Convulsion this year may have run across me in HOTB as
>Hemrid the Ox, King of the Balmyr (though I didn't make a particularly
>memorable job of the role.... :-( )
Oh I remember. I never did manage to get any grain from you.


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