RPG children

From: BiturianV@aol.com
Date: Mon 28 Oct 1996 - 23:10:33 EET

Paul Stolar asked:
I was wondering how the parents who play RPG's either use RPG's in the
     parental duties or if they hide them from their children. Somehow, I
     think it could help raise children if done right.

This may not be the place for such questions, but I'll give one
Glorantha-relevant answer: Charlie Krank runs two separate campaigns, one for
his 11 (?) year old daughter and her friends, one for his slightly older boy
and his friends. They were doing Pendragon, now they're moving into
Gloranthan games. Running games for the kids allows Charlie to occupy a
position of trust and friendship the other parents don't come close to.

- --Rob Heinsoo


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