The Praxian Sun Dome

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Date: Tue 29 Oct 1996 - 11:33:00 EET

G'day all,
The Praxian Sun Dome

Paul Heinz writes:

>IMG, the Praxians originally worshipped YamSur the Splendid, their
>sun god.
>Now, from CoP/CoT we are _told_ that no-one remembers anything about
>YamSur except his name as he was killed in the Gods War by Kajabor
>and ceased to exist. My belief is that YamSur being the Splendid was a
>very fastidious 'pretty boy' kind of Sun God who whilst having fertility
>magic was not much of a show in a decent fight.
>So his worshippers went to DragonKill in all their spiffy finery
>(like gilded peacocks) and all died probably ignominously. I tie this
>into MOB's scenario where the Lord of YamSur DIed to save his bacon
>from a dragon (and so he didn't break a fingernail probably) and only
>left his fancy gold chariot and a burnt smear on the wall.

As the story goes, Yamsur the Sun Lord's plea for divine intercession
succeeded only because he asked that his bones be interred in the
lands of the sun, rather than asking to save his neck (the god - Yelmalio,
YamSur or whoever it was - had hid his head in shame that day and
refused to listen to calls to save lives).

Lord Yamsur's appearance in the confined space of the temple vault,
engulfed in a fiery cloud of dragon breath caused a massive explosion
which killed the officiating priests above.

It was these 'bad signs' (and a temple politics subplot that I had written
into the Old Sun Dome scenario in Sun County) that caused the temple to
be abandoned. However, now we have an extra possible explanation:
the Sun Domers turning their backs on their old god in favour of a new, and
building a new temple to his name some distance away.

The question to ask then, is if this is what happened, how did the Praxian
Sun Domers learn about Yelmalio?

>So, the Praxian Sundomers choose to 'forget' all about YamSur as he
>was damn embarassing actually and they are ashamed of every having
>worshipped or supported him. He probably wore kaftans too.

Aha, so the mysterious cult treasure "The Crown of Yamsur" which
currently lies buried at Rabbit Hat Farm (see Sun County) could
actually be potentially embarassing to the cult if recovered!

>So, now we have the fine upstanding stoic Yelmalio - much better and
>more respectable - but no wearing dresses like that damn YamSur or

I love all these goofy theories, and like a good God Learner, want to
incorporate 'em all!




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