Telmori Teeth

From: Alain RAMEAU (
Date: Tue 29 Oct 1996 - 09:45:03 EET

     Richard Crawley wrote :
>In the end I ruled that (1), (2), and (3) WERE magical. Case (4)
>didn't arise but I think I would have ruled against it on the grounds
>that the spell is about mobility rather than combat and anyway, a
>wolf's claws are not really used as weapons; the jaws and
>bodyweight/momentum do all the work.
     For me, I would play that none is magical weapon (even if I would be
     ready to discuss on (3)): the transformation is magical but not the
     damages done after such transformation. For me the main advantage of
     those spells (or curse) is to give a human the damaging capacity of a

     wolf. But the damages themselves are the normal damages a big wolf
     would cause, which are not magical. To become magical, it would need
     an Ironteeth spirit spell, each point of such spell being 1 point of
     magical damage.


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