Time & Alien rape!

From: Lewis Jardine (jardine@rmcs.cranfield.ac.uk)
Date: Tue 29 Oct 1996 - 15:42:25 EET

Hi All

WRT Oliver on time:
In God Time (or on the heroplane for that matter) time does not flow
or exist. People do not age (normally) and linear sequences do not
occur. From what I have been able to gather things are location
based and sequences are determined by the order of visiting locations.

Thus, if I went to the Hill of Gold on the heroplane I could enact
the proper rituals and meet Orlanth at the base. Depending on my
cult etc. he would either fight me and strip me of my armour, or
strap on a nice gleaming set of finest armour.

Then I could do a bit more ritual and go off to meet ZZ etc.

Alternatively, I could do some Orlanthi stuff and beat up a
guy with a spear and nick his nice shiny armour.
Then I could do some Arkati wierdness (from ZZ ritual) and
continue to beat the guy up, ripping out his liver (firepowers) etc.

Or I might go one stage further and do this in reverse (probably
beating up 2 different Yelmalions) first ripping a guys liver then
nicking his armour.

Now answer me, which event came first?

Obviously any special powers gained depend upon the order and results
of the deeds.

Yelmalio Quest := lose fire powers but gain immortality (practically
Elmal Quest := become a trusted thane of Orlanth, retain fire
powers, have a nice time with Inora.
Orlanth Quest := Gain a thane or a nice suit of armour.
Zoran Zoran Quest := Grab some fire powers (maybe).
Arkati reverse Quest := ??????????????????????????

Notice that the benefits are very closely associated with the risk.


        I've got bad news for you!

Look up Grue in the Gloranthan Bestiary.
If a broo raped a grue (difficult task) then the result might be
a hairy, horned, male, queen, larva injecting, egg laying, acid
blooded, exoskeletoned horror.

Of course, the broo might become "infected" as well.
But it would probably jst produce another grue.

Happy Nightmares



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