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Date: Tue 29 Oct 1996 - 17:56:18 EET

> From: (Bernuetz, Oliver: WPG)
> I'm confused about something. Is there a difference between the era before
> the instance when the Great Compromise was forged and the period after the
> Compromise? I've always thought that there was a big difference (besides
> the obvious restrictions now in place on the Gods) between the two eras in
> that time as we in the real world experience it (i.e. the orderly
> progression of years, seasons, etc.) didn't really exist before the
> Compromise. I'm kind of fuzzy as to how what it would have been like, more
> flexible and elastic perhaps with a lot less predictability in what was
> going to happen from day to day. Maybe it really is just a BC/AD division
> though. What do people think?

I have always assumed that the Compromise was the straw that broke
the GodTime's back, forcing a symmetry breaking in the Time dimension. Thus,
before the Sunrise Event, one could perceive the Future directly, with
the appropriate effort, rather than just predicting on the basis of the
current pattern.

Thus, the feud between the Elves, Trolls, and Dwarves really *was* started
by King Elf killing Mostal and by Zorak Zoran killing Flamal and Shanassee.
The sides involved had already seen it long before it happened. One of the
worst effects of Chaos to the Celestial Court was probably that it ruined
this ability in the vicinity of Chaos, thus confusing everything beyond
their ability to cope. This meant that Kargan Tor would willingly be used
to fight himself, because he couldn't forsee it before he started fighting.
The earlier the God, the worse the effects would be, which is why the
Emperor Yelm seems so politically inept when dealing with the younger Storm

Of course, the return of the Sun, in a predictable pattern, certainly
helped the weather, as well, but that is a change from the previous
Age, rather than from the entire pre-Compromise epoch.

This also assumes that there really was a Compromise, which the Solars
and non-Henotheistic Malkioni seem to deny, if I have understood the
digest correctly. They trace the Sunrise to entirely different causes.


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