Prax Tax -- how much?

From: Neil Smith (
Date: Tue 29 Oct 1996 - 19:43:36 EET

Prax Tax
The continuing discussion on the taxation policy in the Lunar Empire
has persuaded me to introduce it into my campaign. But what is a
reasonable tax rate?
What levy would the Lunars impose on a typical
Praxian clan living in Prax?

Of course, those clans that have not sworn allegiance to the Lunar
Way will be taxed more heavily (double?), and contributions to the

Seven Mothers are tax-deductable!

In an attempt to answer my own question, if we assume the "standard"
tax rate is 10% of income, the average Praxian ends up paying about
60L per year, or about one food animal. Does that sound reasonable?



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