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Date: Tue 29 Oct 1996 - 21:09:53 EET

Oliver D. Bernuetz talks about the Child Time. From reading sources such as
the description of Alebard's Quest and a boxed section in WF, I imagine that
the original conception was that Before Time ran underneath different rules
of reality -- such as fatigue and hunger didn't exist, you could only die if
someone used magic in the form of a copy of death to kill you etc.....
 However, this is only the Orlanthi version of things. Whereas they don't
believe that time had any true meaning and that linear relations such as
cause/effect don't apply, other cultures have a different view.
The Dara
Happans believe that everything from after the point of creation can be
measured in years, and neither do the Malkioni believe in Time. I don't know
much about the other cultures.
 Whose right? I don't know -- and don't really care.

Note: From the conclusion in KoS it appears that Fourth Age Orlanthi also
measure Before Time in years as they talk about the LBQ having taken place
at -150 ST.

Nick E.

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