Re: Prax Tax -- how much?

From: David Weihe (
Date: Wed 30 Oct 1996 - 17:36:03 EET

> From: "Neil Smith" <>
> In an attempt to answer my own question, if we assume the "standard"
> tax rate is 10% of income, the average Praxian ends up paying about
> 60L per year, or about one food animal. Does that sound reasonable?

That is an unreasonably low rate. Most ancient taxation was closer to
1/3 of the yearly production, when they could levy it. There is the
problem of how do you begin to tax nomads who can afford to put the
majority of their adult males into the field against any tax collector
with the nerve to demand it, after all.

My guess is that the Lunars have garrisons at every major oasis who
demand a large share (perhaps 50%) of the yearly increase in the herds
for watering rights. After paying it, the clan gets a chit which the
Lunars claim exempts them fom the full fee for the rest of the year.
The tribes all guarantee the peace of the oasis, as if the Lunars
poisoned it and evacuated everyone would suffer. Whether the chits
are honored at another oasis is up to the commander there, many of whom
are Sable mercenaries with big axes to grind.

It should also be remembered that the Lunars decided that the benefits
weren't nearly enough for the costs. This lead to the Grantlands, and
eventually the invasion of Hendrekiland in 1621.


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