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From: David Weihe (
Date: Wed 30 Oct 1996 - 17:52:45 EET

> From: Philip Hibbs <101621.1264@CompuServe.COM>
> >Is there a difference between the era before the instance when
> >the Great Compromise was forged and the period after the Compromise?
> There *was* no 'era' *before* the Compromise - there was *nothing* before the
> compromise! The 'before' as we think of it is a mythical construct, a sort of

> psychological crutch to lean on, as the Godtime is beyond mortal comprehension.

Oh, what a lot of pious bull! There are many societies that lived through
the Sunrise Event with only minor comments. The Brithini wouldn't have
noticed it if Zzabur hadn't brought it to their attention - they had been
measuring local duration by the Turning of the Glass for some "time" before
that, probably all the way back to the Sunset (Death of Yelm, to Orlanthi)
(Ice Age, to them, I believe?), barring enough duration to assemble it.

It is probably impossible to comprehend the Godtime in anything like the
same way that Time can be understood, but people living in the Godtime
comprehended their existance in some fashion, and those same people still
comprehended their existance after the Phase Shift. The Gods are the ones
who failed to make the cut, not mortal races.

Anyone who is trying to understand the whole of existance, rather than the
pieces of their society and/or their neighboring societies, had better keep
quiet about it or get a visit from the Gift Carriers.


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