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From a document of unknown provenance found in a hidden cellar in old

"What happened before time?

Don't be silly. There was always time. Night followed day. Day
followed night. Week followed week, in the orderly progression of

Did people always grow old and die?

Some say that long, long ago there was no aging, and that culture
heroes such as Orlanth and Barntar were alive then, and that they
still age not. If they don't age then how was Orlanth born Thundrous,
in his youth wandered as an Adventurer, and finally put aside his
childish ways, grew up and became King? Or how did his queen come to
be born as Voria, have children as Ernalda, and care for the
hearthfire as Asrelia? Simple answer. They aged.

Then what changed with the compromise?

It wasn't a compromise. It was a change imposed on the nature of
reality by arachne solara, who was once the great goddess glorantha,
who had to separate the worlds in order to save them and had to
imprison the gods in a single world so they would not run rampant over
the cosmos again. It was the net that kept the gods from interfering
in the world we live in now, which has always had time. Before the
great goddess glorantha was transformed into arachne solara she used
to usher beings between the sacred world and the mundane world
everyday. Everybody could visit the sacred world. Everybody could talk
to their ancestors. Everybody could see the magic in the land, could
speak with animals, could whistle up a wind. And everybody could tear
a little hole in the fabric of reality and let chaos in. After
glorantha was transformed into the spider, she spun her web out of the
remains of the devil wakboth, threw it around the many worlds to
protect us all from chaos, and the living were confined to one world,
the mundane world where animals live, and the dead were confined to
the other world, the sacred world where the gods live. Ever since the
net has divided the two worlds only dedicated holy people can cross

the border, and it takes mighty rituals to summon up the remnant
energies of the glorantha that once was to make that crossing."
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End of Glorantha Digest V3 #258

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