Wolves, and the Prax Tax

From: David (davidc@cs.uwa.edu.au)
Date: Thu 31 Oct 1996 - 08:50:11 EET

>For me the main advantage of
> those spells (or curse) is to give a human the damaging capacity of a
> wolf.

        Thats only when they are used on a human.

>To become magical, it would need
> an Ironteeth spirit spell, each point of such spell being 1 point of
> magical damage.

        The very same spell, Wolfs Head, when cast on a wolf is similar to
Truesword for teeth - and would thus quite definately count as a magical
weapon. So, you have two options - either assume that a spell is a spell,
and it counts as magical damage, or (somewhat confusingly) assume that
Wolfs Head counts as a magic weapon cast on a wolf, but not when cast on a
human. Or, for the most obscure solution, say that one casting of Wolfs
Head on a human gives a wolfs head that does non-magical damage, but you
can cast it a second time, and it counts as if cast one a wolf, thus
yielding magical damage.
        Personally, I count a single casting as magical damage - not least
because it enables transformed Telmori to hurt each other, which I think is
a good thing. I think tribal duels for chief/ pack leader take place in
wolf form. I imagine Jungle Book style scenes, with wolves and men meeting
as a pack, and rivals fighting in the centre of the circle. And lots of
group howls, of course. (hmmm..... a Telmori game is sounding like a fine
idea, or at least a convention scenario). This, being an MGF reason,
obviously overrides all rules quibbling anyway ;-)

>What levy would the Lunars impose on a typical
>Praxian clan living in Prax?

        I think they occasionally demand tribute when they have the chance
(ie when a tribe decides to cross the river or visit a Lunar controlled
oasis), rather than a regular levy. The Praxian clans are misnamed - most
of them spend their time roaming around the wastes, and only visit Prax
every now and then, so I don't think the Lunars have a chance for a regular
        Of course, if the tribes reside semi-permanently in Lunar
controlled territory, then they may well have to pay some sort of regular
fee. I think only the Pol Joni, and perhaps the Lunar allied Sable, fit
into this category though.



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